Four Resume Tips to Help You Score an Interview

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Resumes are things that many people do not like working on but are the first steps to landing a job interview.  Companies get thousands of resumes each day and you want to make sure you stand out among all the others!  Updating your resume can be a stressful process and many people have different opinions on how to layout your resume and what to include on your resume.  Below are four of my personal resume writing tips that hopefully will help you score a job interview.

1.  Use action verbs for each bullet point.

Employers are looking for keywords that they have written in the job description in your resume.  If an employer only spends thirty seconds on your resume you want them to read a few key action verbs that reflect what you have done in the past. Most college and university career centers have a list of hundred of action verbs to choose from.  Use this list to your advantage and try not to use each verb more than twice on your resume!

2.  Customize your resume for the job your are applying for. 

3.  Include ALL of your contact information. 

4.  Limit your resume to two pages.